Michael Krausz

"Michael Krausz converts imaginative impulse expressed through magnificent technique into syncretic art of mysterious presence...The slight, unidirectional smearing of the characters emphasizes the artist's concentration on achieving complete integration of mind and hand."

Edward Sozanski, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Asking how it is that we assign meaning to abstract marks on paper, how we learn to comprehend and decipher the nuances of meaning, [Krausz] smudges the invented hieroglyphics, so that the mock text becomes less readable. Thus he insinuates the mystery at the root of all that we know and understand."

Gloria Russell, The Springfield Republican

"Krausz achieves here an astonishing solidity...The weight, confidence and, above all, the dignity of these abstract works owes much to a refreshing and intriguing approach...there is nothing that is not flawlessly finished."

Victoria Donohoe, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Krausz's [paintings] describe outer space as a metaphor for the inner limits of the possible...They are explorations of the meaning of life, full of limitless discovery, of riddles unveiling riddles; of the blinding clarity of an oracle, of the unleashed terror of the inexplicable. It is the poetry of metaphysics, expressed in clarity and power."

Meryl Secrest Beveridge, The Washington Post

Art writer and curator Lee Wayne Mills describes Krausz's artworks this way:

"The mixed media works by Michael Krausz hover in an intellectual zone that is neither East nor West, but embraces the best notions of both. In his masterly cascades of ciphers, marks and calligraphies over ghostly articulated planes, Krausz arrests the demons of contemporary life, wrestles them into a benign state and offers pure moments of reflective and contemplative grace. And he does it with remarkable skill and finesse. His marks carry arresting elegance even as they dance unabashedly and nakedly across the page. He drags his brush through the fragile ciphers at their most vulnerable point, a breath-taking, technical insult that yields generous and considerable results, assuaging our vulnerabilities and encouraging our resolve. Krausz stages precious and fleeting moments which reveal us to ourselves and our better natures. Those moments pulse along aesthetic longitudes and latitudes of Krausz's works. Or they peek at us from the margins of his horizons or in the amplitudes of his dancing forms. Wherever and however they arrive, they are the quiet gifts of his art, for they offer us surcease. And with it come the small seeds, which cultivated, can yield a lifetime of reassurance and beatitude."